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puce Activity sectors

The wide spectrum of expertise available to LCDC allows it to provide integrated value-added projects in the telecommunications industry. Such as VSAT, microwave radio, wireless local loops, Network Radio PMR and trunked radio systems (3RP, TETRA APCO25 …), traditional PBX and VoIP Gateways, Computer networks, cabling systems etc.

LCDC provides all communications necessary on an oil platform: SCADA, PA / GA, weather stations, fiber optic systems, microwave and VSAT and even the telecommunications equipment: required for emergency vessels and lifeboats – portable radios, beacons etc.

The real added value of LCDC is to stay focused on its technical and geographical niches and provide on-site knowledge of interfaces between devices.

Our engineers are involved in specific networks such as air traffic control systems, banking systems, the petroleum industry, agricultural etc. Our knowledge of the operation of business applications in these areas gives our customers further added value to all the various telecom operators on the installation site.