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LCDC Offices

LCDC Offices - Antenna

LCDC Offices entrance

Seine by day

Seine by night

Seine in winter

LCDC Offices - Antenna

Garden - Antennas

Winter - Seine banks

Autumn - Seine banks

puce LCDC Telecoms offices in Morsang sur Seine

The offices of LCDC are situated near The castle de Fontainebleau and de Vaux le Vicomte, two renomed Castles.
This house was the meeting place of Gabrielle d’ Estrées and king Henry IV when the latter returned by the Seine of Fontainebleau. Situated on the fording of the Seine, an extension was created and at the end of the 19th century.
One open-air dance hall (guinguette) was created.

In the 1920s, another extension allows the creation of an inn with a motel called ” Le vieux Garçon -the old boy- “.
Afterward and much more later, the ” Vieux Garçon “ became a famous puique place came there V.Hugo, G. de Maupassant, G. Sand, F. Daudet, Bazin, Goncourt and finally the writter Simenon lived here in 1930-31. Where he wrote there ” the Guiguette a deux sous “.

By 1960, it becames a private house and since 2012, LCDC transforms it into their Head offices quarter with a high tech activities and protecting the tablet there which makes its charm.