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puce VSAT Partnership network

The architecture of our international network provides global coverage (mainland or along a sea route) by integrating regional coverage in the Ku-band of frequencies. It allows us to present offers in which the equipment is more compact, less expensive, and quickly implemented in comparison to an offer using frequenceis in the C-band. These proposals are then supported on a regional basis by our own engineers or provided as close to our customers by partners whose tenders for services or for local facilities are complementary to ours.

ISP, VoIP operator in Algeria, specialist of WiMax networks. LCDC has deployed teleport facilities locally in order to respond to the demands of sites in the South of Algeria.

The partnership with SLC allows a complementarity of resources and techniques :

  • Thanks to the covering of the Algerians and French weekends, a quality technical assistance is available 7days a week. The “Hot Line” can then mobilize speciality engineers (telephony, data, networks, etc.) at all time to go on site for the best reactivity.
  • SLC has a private East-West WiMax backbone in the North of Algeria along with the coverage of several towns in the South, Hassi Messed being one of them. This private WiMax backbone allows a high capacities and a reliable access to the Internet.
  • The acquisition of the VSAT operator VSAT Divona in March 2014 formalises a very complete telecommunications offer (VSAT, radio, WiMax, GSM backhauling) and associated services:
    international transits, telephony services termination wholesale, SIP accounts, etc..
  • A very high capacity (3 x STM4) international backbone connects the 3 VSAT teleports of Algiers, Hassi Messaoud and the LCDC teleport in Paris (Morsang sur Seine). Coupled with the national WiMax backbone in Algeria, this allows to propose a large panel of secure and redundant networks.

See http://www.slc-wireless.com



ROMANTIS main offcies is located in Quebec (Canada) in Montreal with offices in Berlin (Germany), and in Moscow (Russia). Provider of space segment over Russia, ROMANTIS is the manufacturer of the UHP satellite modem and provide space segment over Russia.

ROMANTIS is regularly associated to LCDC SA to provide assistance and regional support in East Europe, and Russia in particular.

In 2014, LCDC installed a central UHP platform, providing complementarity to our partners using the same technology.

LCDC then brings its support and expertise in French-speaking countries, in particular in Western Africa and North Africa.

See http://www.romantis.com


Partners since several decades, LCDC has selected the NDSatCom modems of the SKYWAN series to answer in an appropriate way to the private networks independent from every satellite operator (hubless).

See http://www.ndsatcom.com


Located in Hanoi Vietnam, ZODIAC is a reputed company and has become a major partner for LCDC in the realisations of VSAT and military projects in ASIA and in particular for the Vietnam MoD (Navy, coast guards).

Today, the concretisations of important projects lead both companies to represent each other in Asia and Europe.

See http://zodiac.com.vn


Medlink Telecoms is a branch of Medlink International Ltd. with their main offices located in Malta, an ideal location for operations in North Africa.

Due to their experience and support for the North African countries for the past 25 years, LCDC had partnered with Medlink to offer the best support in this region, that include Libya, meanwhile we would be able to recover some of the businesses being lost during
the Arab Spring.

See http://medlink.com.mt