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puce LCDC Télécoms is a telecommunications integrator.


Coast Guard

 2013 – VIETNAM

New LCDC headquarters

2012 – FRANCE

New LCDC headquarters

2012 – FRANCE

Wimax and VSAT

2005 – ALGERIE

Marine Logistics

2010 – AFRIQUE

VSAT stabilzed station


VSAT Marine stabilzed station

2007 – OMAN

VSAT Marine stabilzed station

2007 – OMAN

Airport station

2009 – NIGERIA

Along a pipeline telecom

1999 – MYANMAR

Rig (jungle)

2006 – CONGO

Refining site (désert)

2006 – YEMEN


2008-2010 – Afrique, Asie, Russie

Our company designs, installs, maintains and operates VSAT satellite networks to provide telecommunication facilities that integrate both voice and data traffic. These networks operate in most cases in critical environments known for their harsh conditions and where reliability is a key factor.

Our integrated networks are designed utilising the latest telecommunication techniques such as:

in addition to the traditional and proven technologies of :
PABX, PMR (VHF/HF, MPT 1327), …
to take into account the existing labour skills available on exploration fields; and to ensure that the operational processes on site are not compromised due to inadequate staff training levels.

Our integrated networks provide global, turnkey telecomm solutions.

LCDC Telecoms also advises on specialised products to provide the best and the most appropriate solution to our client’s specific problems (3D geo-localisation, SCADA, automate etc.)

LCDC Telecoms international activity constitutes more than 90% of its total turn over.