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puce The Specific products LCDC Telecoms

The creativity of LCDC is regularly solicited in order to propose an offer of functionalities or systems adapted as closely as possible to the demand of our customers in order to fit their particular financial or technical requirements.

The system supplied in this framework use proprietary or open source softwares, industrial components minimizing any particular manufacturing possible and allowing the customer to reproduce them independently (plans, and sources of computer codes are provided).

Several examples (downloads):

Mechanical and vibration studies:

  • 3D modelling of the mechanical environments of ships
  • Vibration studies on mechanical resonance frequencies in the VSAT environment.
  • Bandwidth and vibration amplitudes modelling …
  • 3D Design: prototyping and production of mechanical parts and EMC equipment
  • Etc.

Maritime VSAT: protection against the radio environment

The location of the maritime VSAT station must respond in an optimized way to:

  • Allow the largest azimuth angle without obstruction to the satellite
  • Accept the very close environment and not interfere with other radio systems such as: radars, VHF radios, UHF, HF power transmitters, aeronautical beacons, weather station, Inmarsat B, C stations, etc.

It is in the majority a specific exercise.