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puce Radio Communications

LCDC Telecoms conduct feasibility studies and design turnkey radio systems using the following technologies:

  • HF, for long distance communications, voice and data (fax, email, files).
  • VHF-FM terrestrial.
  • VHF-FM marine.
  • VHF-AM aeronautical.
  • UHF-FM.
  • Trunking radio system, regional and national from 1 to 960 sites for voice and data mobile communications.
  • Cellular telephony system using analog technology (FDMA) or digital (TDMA, CDMA), GSM900, GSM1800.
  • Point to point links (LOS : Line Of Sight) providing telephones communications and LAN/WAN connections between sites from the same geographical zone.
  • 3RP Radio communications system, Fly away, fast deployment systems and easy utilisation for maintenance and repair team during crisis period.
  • Mobile fleet management by tracking a vehicle’s position and providing the ability to transmit its technical data to a central site.
  • Rural telephony 1, 2 and 6 channel radiotelephone systems operating in the frequency range between 68 and 512 MHz.

LCDC SA is the Exicom authorised products dealer in France and all French speaking territories.