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puce Very Small Aperture Terminal – Terrestre

VSAT is an acronym for “Very Small Aperture Terminal”. A VSAT is a system where the telecommunications equipment uses a satellite or a satellite network as a communication relay to communicate with other VSAT stations.

The use of satellites as relay stations can link them on a continental coverage without constraints related to terrain, access, or the existence of an operational telecommunications infrastructure.

It is suitable to provide a powerful means of telecommunications in the minimum time and in remote locations: deserts, jungles, and oceans. In addition VSAT systems are also well suited in difficult situations (rapid deployment in natural disasters, major decisions of major telecommunications networks, enabling rescue links, etc.).

LCDC is experienced in providing:

  • The niche networks of companies needing to connect their central means of telecommunications and data to their subsidiary sites or at production sites
  • Systems for rapid deployment
  • Systems for use in “difficult” areas
  • Expertise and skilled manpower to send 2nd and 3rd level engineers on site

Experience acquired working in these niche areas has led LCDC to evaluate different models of satellite modems allowing greater flexibility in optimum operations of hybrid networks (star and mesh) in the best ratio of operating costs.

Today LCDC operates or provides expertise to over 80 stations in countries where the VSAT solution is an immediate response: Nigeria, Sudan, Algeria, Libya, Oman, Yemen, Congo, Gabon, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Venezuela, etc.

Our clients are among the world’s largest oil companies, major telecommunications operators, governments (MoD and Navy) and engineering companies.