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The knowhow of LCDC fits into a very wide panel of telecommunication means: VSAT (terrestrial and maritime), microwave links, local radio loops, PMR legacy radio networks, TETRA DMR and latest shared 4G resources systems, IT networks, cabling systems. It allows LCDC to provide a major added value in the scope of industrial (Oil & Gas) and Defence and Security telecommunication projects.

LCDC SA has the ability to supply the whole means of communications of an Oil & Gas platform: from SCADA, PA/GA, on board personnel, survival boat, up to telecoms means: portable radios, beacons, weather forecast stations, optic fibre, radio links and VSAT…

Being of humble size, LCDC stays focus on its technical and geographical niches. Its added value is based on its experience of inter-connexions between the various hardware interfaces composing the telecommunication system puzzle.

Thus, our engineers are being involved in specific and tailor-made networks such as Defence and Security, Air Traffic Control, banking networks, Oil & Gas …. The knowledge of profession applications in their various domains brings to our customers an additional added value to all the various telecom stakeholders on the installation site.